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Hacking Transitions – Archives Unleashed 3.0

Note: I’m posting this rather late in an effort to publish all the half-written blog posts I have collected over the last year or so…please forgive me if its all a bit dated.

I had the opportunity to attend another Archives Unleashed event in February this year (AU3.0), this time hosted at the Internet Archive where it coincided with a symposium on the WASAPI Project (more on that later). The event began much like earlier iterations, with some opening slides from the hosts and organisers about the group and some general overviews on web archiving tools, available datasets, data formats and the like. As in previous years, the Internet Archive’s Jefferson Bailey and Vinay Goel gave a talk introducing the available APIs and datasets hosted by the Archive, but also included some information on the collaborative projects the Archive has undertaken with researchers over the years. Personally I found this presentation super interesting, not only because it gave a sense of the types of projects that the Archive has supported (through access to web archives), but also for more self-serving reasons related to my PhD research…

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